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Vacuum Innovations manufactures exceptionally engineered, high-quality E-beam coating systems and components. Utilizing our extensive background in coating processes and system builds, we have engineered and developed all of our products to be robust, reliable, and easy to maintain.

We design and build:

Custom Systems • Planetary Rotations • Quartz Heaters 

Crystal Heads • Source Shutters • Resistance Sources • Right Angle Drives


For more information about any of our products or to schedule a consultation regarding a Full Custom Coating System, contact us at 585-298-9579 or email us at

VI Planetary Rotation - RENDERING

Planetary Rotations

VI Crystal Head - RENDERING

Crystal Heads

VI Heater

Quartz Heaters

Implementation of a Planetary Rotation System allows the substrate to move in a precise pattern to improve thin film uniformity. Our engineers analyze gear ratios, failure modes, and film distribution for every project to customize the rotation for an optimal uniform coating. To learn more about Vacuum Innovations’ Plantary Rotations, click here to view our information sheet.

Vacuum Innovations’ Rotary Crystal Heads are engineered for reliable operation throughout the optical coating process within your chamber. Our design has a four-position head that provides accurate and dependable monitoring for your thin-film deposition. Additional units can be used for multi-point monitoring, further improving the degree of control and limit concerns about crystal measurements.

Vertical heads are designed to mount in the center of the chamber, while horizontal heads mount under stationery uniformity masks. To learn more, click here to view and download Vacuum Innovations' Crystal Heads information sheet.

Have you ever had a problem with changing a bulb in someone else’s heater bank, and broken some or all of the leads to the good bulbs in the process? We have. We’ve also seen warped units, poorly mounted heaters, and heaters that aren’t shielded from coating build-up, leading to difficulties in regular chamber maintenance. To combat those issues, we construct our heaters with electropolished stainless steel and design them to be reliable and easy to maintain. To learn more, click here to view and download Vacuum Innovations’ Quartz Heater information sheet.

Additional Products

Resistance Sources

Our resistance sources have been developed to integrate a range of standard evaporant boats in large-scale coating systems. We use alignment pins to ensure consistent placement, with recessed insulators to avoid arcs/shorts from coating contamination. The flexibility of using a VI resistance source allows the placement to be optimized, not limited by the position of the feedthroughs.

Shutter Actuator

Our pneumatic Shutter Actuators have an adjustable mounting bracket to align the coupler height for base plates of various thicknesses. Coupling inside the chamber is done with positive-locking shaft shapes to avoid slippage in the chamber. The actuators can be provided with or without position sensing for incorporation in automated equipment.

Right-Angle Drive

Our Right-Angle Drives are built to be heavy duty and reliable for indexing large electron-beam sources from a standard rotary feedthrough. They have an adjustable height, with spacers and shaft locations to raise the horizontal drive in ¼” increments to match the source height upon installation. They can be secured to the chamber floor and remain centered on the feedthrough, or be welded to the feedthrough for a more permanent installation.

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