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Senator Pamela Helming VI Visit
Senator Pamela Helming Visit to VI

Dansville, NY | October 10th, 2023

This week we had a distinguished guest visit our facility: Senator Pamela Helming, the NYS Senator for the 54th district. In addition to giving her a tour of our facility, we had the opportunity to educate her about the optical coating industry and its significant impact on various aspects of life.
Thank you Senator Pam Helming for taking the time out of your busy schedule to learn more about our small business and the optical coating community. We hope to see you next week at Optifab!

Photonics West 2024

San Francisco, CA | January 30th - February 2nd, 2024

Participating at Photonics West for the first time was an incredible experience for us at Vacuum Innovations. Not only did we have the opportunity to showcase our innovative products and expand our sales, but we also gained new customers and secured exciting projects. Additionally, at the show we were able to connect with new vendors allowing us to establish new relationships for future projects. Overall, we were very happy with our exhibiting experience and feel motivated to see what this year has to offer!

Photonics West Booth 2024
FL Optical Coating Design & Technology Workshop

We were able to hold our very first Optical Coating Design & Technology Workshop in the US this year. A great turn our for our 3-day workshop where attendees were able to learn more about coating uniformity, stresses, and laser damage capabilities with coatings. Holding this workshop in Titusville allowed for some attendees to see a launch at NASA from the hotel. Hoping to hold more events like this in the future. Where should we visit next? 

Titusville, FL| March 26 - 28th, 2024

Advances in Optical Coating Technology Workshop - Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania | August 9th, 2023

Our next workshop was in Vilnius, Lithuania hosted by Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). We were able to hold a smaller, more intimate workshop with about 20 individuals from companies in the Vilnius area to take a deeper look into uniformity, stress, and laser damage. During the workshop we took a tour of the new FTMC facility that houses various PhD studies, innovative research programs, and their new coating systems! We hope to hold the workshop in the future years back in Lithuania!

Lithuania Workshop Group Pic 2023
Advances in Optical Coating Technology Workshop - Scotland

SVC TechCon 2023

Washington D.C  | May 6-11, 2023

Thank you Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) for hosting such a successful week in DC! Marcy & Dr. Oliver were able to bring a group of engineers to explore the exhibit and get a better understanding of other companies in the industry. We were so excited to have both of Jim's kids at the conference to promote the family business! See you next year in Chicago!

VI Oliver Family SVC Conference
Scotland Workshop Group Pic 2023

Our very first workshop and make it international. We had a great time hosting the premiere  Advances in Optical Coating Technology workshop at the University of the West of Scotland. With about 50 attendees, 20 presentations, 15 student posters, and representation from about 30 companies, it was a very successful two-day event. Attendees were able to enjoy networking, dinner, and a whiskey tasting to wind down the busy days. We hope to hold another workshop in the upcoming years. If you are interested in holding a workshop at your facility feel free to reach out to for more information! 

Paisley, Scotland | August 1 - 2, 2023

Marcy - Photonics West 2023

Photonics West 2023

San Francisco, CA | January 28- February 2nd, 2023

Dr. Oliver and Head of Sales and Marketing Marcy Oliver had had a great time at Photonics West at the end of January. They were  able to meet with new customers and experience the huge exhibit SPIE put together. It was a very cool experience seeing so many optics and photonics companies from all over the world in one convention center. We are excited to announce we will be exhibiting next year at the show and hope to see you there!

Colorado Photonics Short Course

Boulder, CO | December  5-10, 2022

Colorado Workshop 2022

At the beginning of December, Dr. James Oliver and Sales and Marketing Specialist Marcy ventured out to Colorado to meet with some suppliers, potential customers, and so Dr. Oliver could teach at the Colorado Photonics Cluster.  Individuals from a variety of companies in the area came to learn about the basics of optical coatings. It was nice to meet new employees within industry  that were so eager to learn.

SPIE Laser Damage 2022

 Rochester, NY  | September 18-24, 2022

An intimate gathering of top engineers, scientist, researchers, and students that work with high-power, high-energy lasers. This year it is held in our neck of New York in Rochester. VI President James Oliver will be attended to see his  research from LLE presented along with a mention in a paper presentation from ELI Beamlines.

VI Booth OIC Conference

OIC Conference 2022

Whistler, BC Canada  | June 19-24, 2022

At the end of June Jim and Marcy were able to travel to Whistler, Canada to attend Optica's Optical Interference Coating Conference in-person. Jim was able to teach a short course about Thin Film Uniformity in the beginning of the week and it was Marcy’s first tradeshow of her sales career. It was a great opportunity to see familiar faces from around the world and also meet new individuals interested in VI. This was the first time Vacuum Innovations was represented at an exhibit at OIC.

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