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Vacuum Innovations was founded by President Dr. James Oliver in 2007. Dr. Oliver operated the company solely until 2017. At Vacuum Innovations, we design and manufacture a line of precision components and offer full-custom coating systems. We have been growing and expanding our operations and capabilities offered to better provide for our expanding customer base. In 2019 the company relocated to a 15,000 square foot facility in Dansville, NY. This new facility offers more office space and a large attached machine shop that allows for an open and organized layout for the manufacturing and operational side of the company. Our Dansville facility houses our mechanical and electrical engineers, IT, sales and marketing, and operations along with the machine shop.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to excel with our state-of-the-art equipment, where we design components with a solid foundation, fewer parts, and a focus on function and performance.

Dr. James Oliver is founder and President of Vacuum Innovations. With over 30 years of experience in optical coating equipment, he brings a creative perspective that has allowed him to identify what works well for unique customers’ unique needs. With a great emphasis on reliability and ease of system maintenance.

James was Vice-President of Research, Development, and Engineering during his time at EMF Corporation and later continued his higher education leading back to the University of Rochester as a Laboratory Scientist and Professor at the University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE).

At LLE, as Laboratory Scientist he was responsible for coating high-value meter-scale optics for large laser systems. The focus of his work at LLE included advanced thin-film uniformity modeling and correction, improved laser damage threshold coatings, coatings for multi-layer dielectric diffraction gratings, and high-performance Brewster-angle polarizers. He was a professor of Optical Interference Coating Design at the University of Rochester's Institute of Optics and continues to teach at the annual Institute Thin-Film Summer School. Dr. Oliver has served in various capacities on conference committees and is a sought after lecturer on improving coating designs, processes, and equipment for companies and laboratories world-wide.

James is most proud of Vacuum Innovations’ growing and diverse customer base which includes Aerospace & Defense, Government, Private Sector, and Academia. He looks forward to finding solving your optical coating performance needs.

James Oliver Headshot

Dr. James Oliver, President

Marcella Oliver, Director of Marketing


Phone: (585)298-9579

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