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Better Engineering. Better Performance. Better Results.

Vacuum Innovations is dedicated to the manufacture of exceptionally engineered, high-quality equipment for optical coating deposition processes. Utilizing our extensive background in coating processes and equipment, we’ve engineered and developed a dependable, easy-to-use product line.

Bringing You the Highest Quality Optical Coating Equipment Imaginable

VI Rotation Bottom Angle
VI Rotation Top Angle
VI Horizontal Crystal Head Monitor
VI Horizontal Crystal Head Monitor
VI Heater
VI Heater

What We Do

We build advanced equipment, develop layouts, and, model processes for precision optical coating systems. We specialize in highly uniform coatings for demanding defense, aerospace, and scientific applications. With a wide variety of system components, ranging from heaters and crystal head monitors all the way up to a full custom coating system, Vacuum Innovations focuses on precision and reliability no matter the size of your project.

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