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Better Engineering. Better Performance. Better Results.

Vacuum Innovations is dedicated to the design and manufacture of exceptionally engineered, high-quality electron-beam deposition systems.

Utilizing our background in thin-film coatings, and specializing in electron-beam evaporation, we’ve engineered a high-performance deposition system with a line of components that are easy to maintain. Vacuum Innovations commits to delivering products that will meet or exceed customer specifications.

Bringing You the Highest Quality Optical Coating Equipment 

VI Rotation Bottom Angle
VI Rotation Top Angle
VI Vertical Crystal Head 1 - RENDERING
VI Vertical Crystal Head 2 - RENDERING
VI Horizontal Crystal Head Monitor
VI Horizontal Crystal Head Monitor
 VI Heater 1 - RENDERING
 VI Heater 2 - RENDERING

What We Do

Vacuum Innovations designs and builds electron-beam deposition systems based on our manufacturing expertise of precision optical coatings. We develop system configurations and deposition processes for optimal coating uniformity across the substrate fixturing, maximizing load capacities and coating yield.

 Our team specializes in highly uniform coatings for both large- and small-aperture substrates for commercial, defense, aerospace, and scientific applications. With the ability to create turnkey process solutions, Vacuum Innovations designs in system performance.

Vacuum Innovations commits to delivering systems and components that meet or exceed customer specifications and expectations.

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