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Vacuum Innovations



- Dependable

- Durable build

- Quality uniform coatings


Size Options

1220 (48") System

1625 ( 64") System


VI Standard Planetary Rotation, Heaters, Crystal Heads

Telemark Eguns

KRI Ion Sources

Standard turbo, rough, cryo pumps


  • Water-traced chamber made of #4 Grain Stainless Steel

  • Pump down to _________ in ________time

  • Crystal heads mounted vertically through chamber center and horizontal under uniformity masks for best deposition results

  • Gear ratios for the planet configurations will be optimized to ensure there are no repetitions and minimal near repetitions before all possible paths through the chamber are completed

  • In-house software solutions for the ability to customize for your application

Standard System Package

  • Control Rack

  • Chamber Stand

  • 1 set of interior shielding

  • 1 year of warranty

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