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System Refurbishment
A vacuum system, including the chamber, pumps, and valves, is often useful for much longer than the electronics and components installed in the system. It is much more cost effective to refurbish out-of-date coating systems than to purchase a replacement system while typically achieving comparable performance.

The unique features of a coating system are generally limited to the chamber, planetary rotation, and system controller/power distribution. Beyond these few components, the balance of a coating system is typically based on the integration of components from various other manufacturers, including electron-beam guns, heaters, ion sources, and deposition controllers.

We will gladly work with you on partial or complete system refurbishments, based on your needs. Some customers want guidance for their personnel when upgrading a system in-house, while others prefer a more complete system refurbishment solution.

We work with suppliers of all major system components, and have experience with most of them, to best provide you with the solution to your coating needs.

Contact Vacuum Innovations for your system refurbishment. We can integrate the components you need into a complete coating solution in a cost-effective, high-performance package optimized for your requirements.