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Planetary Rotations
We believe it is important to keep in mind what a planetary rotation is supposed to provide - improved thin-film uniformity. You can achieve greater capacity and larger substrate sizes without using a planetary; the only reason to accept the decreased capacity and increased complexity is to have significant improvements in film distribution.

Our rotations are built with careful analysis of planetary gear ratios and integrated mask mounts for precise placement and control of film uniformity. We include features for easy bearing lubrication, heavy-duty construction to minimize downtime, carefully-toleranced components to maintain accurate substrate heights, and integrated multi-point crystal monitoring.

We understand the impact of a tilted planet, a planet that is at a slightly different height, or improper gear ratios and design accordingly. Our planetary rotations are built for precision, quality, and the utmost in reliability. We err on the side of too good, instead of not good enough.

In addition to standard planetary rotation designs for typical chambers, we also provide custom systems to better meet your needs. We will provide just the rotation system, or we will include custom-designed and refined uniformity masks to provide optimal performance in your system.

Talk to us about what you need your planetary to accomplish - chances are, we can do that.