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Jim Oliver -- Bio
Jim Oliver is the owner and president of Vacuum Innovations. With experience primarily as a coating equipment user, he has a perspective that has allowed him to identify what works well, what will be reliable, and what makes the maintenance of a system easier.

He spent six years in an optical coatings job shop, developing a range of coatings, processes and modifying equipment to meet a broad range of custom needs. He left as vice-president of research, development, and engineering and moved on to a position in laser coating design and process development at the University of Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics.

He continues to work at LLE, responsible for coating high-value meter-scale optics for large laser systems. The focus of his work at LLE has included advanced thin-film uniformity modeling and correction, improved laser damage threshold coatings, coatings for multilayer dielectric diffraction gratings, and high-performance Brewster-angle polarizers.

He teaches optical interference coating design at the University of Rochester's Institute of Optics, at the annual Institute Thin- Film Summer School, and has served in various capacities on conference committees, as an invited speaker to conferences, and a short-course lecturer. He has consulted for numerous companies on improving coating designs, processes, and equipment.

Give Jim a call at (585) 330-0746 to see what he can do to make your job easier and your coating performance better!