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Vacuum Innovations is dedicated to the manufacture of exceptionally-engineered, high-quality equipment for optical coating deposition processes.

After using and researching optical coating equipment developed elsewhere for many years, we�ve worked to engineer a superior product. Vacuum Innovations has simplified designs -- no more high-maintenance and poor quality construction. Now you can easily update your coating systems without returning to OEM manufacturers for costly upgrades.

We firmly believe that engineers should exhibit their skill by making complex problems and equipment simple, not by creating unnecessarily complex and sophisticated solutions to what are relatively simple problems.

This philosophy is apparent in our equipment, where we design components with solid construction, fewer parts, and a focus on function and performance.

What are you looking for?
  • How can our products be improved to better meet your needs?
  • What equipment are you unsatisfied with now that can be replaced or refurbished?
  • What type of product would better fit your processes?

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