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Have you ever had a problem with changing a bulb in someone else's heater bank, and broken some or all of the leads to the good bulbs in the process? We have. We've also seen warped units, poorly mounted heaters, and heaters that aren't shielded from coating build-up, leading to difficulties in regular chamber maintenance. We design our heaters with all of these things and more in mind.

We build our heaters well, because we don't ever want to experience a customer being disappointed with the quality of our products. Vacuum Innovations offers 6kW quartz heater lamps, 12kW power supplies, and installation kits to make the addition or updating of the heating components in your system quick and easy.

We are always looking to expand our product line. If there is a different size heater or power supply you need, or a custom installation kit, talk to us. The engineering costs for a change are generally much less than you might expect.

Power Supplies
It is always difficult to integrate heater power into an existing system. Our interlocked controller and SCR-based power supply has a number of features to make that easier.

The controller is a standard programmable heater controller, offering PID ramp up, soak, and ramp down capability. We have added an additional "Advance" feature, to easily move to the next step in the heating and cooling profile. Power to the heaters is 208V, and this is kept remote from the control rack for operator safety. Connections to the chamber feedthroughs using our standard installation kit are plug-in, with shielded connections.