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System Controllers
We felt that it was important to create a system controller that is simple to operate and easily integrated into your system.

Our cryopump, diffusion pump, and turbo pump controllers offer:
  • Manual and automatic operating modes for valve sequencing
  • Interlock inputs for water flow and chamber door
  • Four contact-closure outputs for interlocking other components
  • 24VDC outputs for standard contactors and valve solenoids
  • Integrated temperature monitoring (cryopump only)
  • Automated cryopump regeneration cycle (cryopump only)

For a hassle-free installation, we have separated the wiring panel from the control rack, and placed it closer to the components on the chamber and power distribution panel -- eliminating the need for lengthy wiring. Through our design, easy connection to the control rack is achieved by a single cable.

Let us know what you want out of your system controller � we�re happy to customize your system to best meet your needs.